As you may beware we have joined together as a community support team, to make sure we are help those in need.

General contact numbers for assistance.
Becky, Chell Parish Churches
07411 151 819

Helen, Fegg hayes Futures (The Hub)
01782 761 134

Sue, Fegg Hayes Residents Association
07522 33 66 92

Jim, Chell Heath Resits Association
07884 168 430

Nan, CAFAG (Whitfield Valley Centre)
07895 446 710

We offer :-
Shopping for those who can afford
A free pantry delivery for those in desperate need
A buddy up system for the isolated, phone call etc
A prescription collection service
The hub is open for drop in collections but please phone first
We have a list of volunteers and we are building a list of the most vulnerable
We are covering all areas including Wedgwood Farm estate, Chell, Chell Heath and Fegg Hayes
We are not precious of the boundaries and will answer calls of help near by, as we are on the Council and VAST Community out reach groups.
We are and will continue to help, anyone who contacts us, no matter where they live, within the Big Local area or beyond, but SNBL will be prioritised over other area’s.

Lastly I would like to say that all community groups are doing their very best, so a great big thank you to all, your are all amazing.

Be safe, be kind, god bless you all in these difficult times.