Proposed Skateboard Facility in Monks Neil Park, Chell Heath.

We are at last making some tentative progress with the Skateboard facility construction. The Stoke on Trent City Council Landscape team are currently writing a Chief Officer report for permission to start construction. The Stoke North Big Local are funding all construction and the following 10 years maintenance.

A temporary wooden skate board ramp was put in Monks Neil Park in the summer of 2015 and was extremely successful and well used. This was great because it showed the obvious need for a young people’s facility of this kind for the area.

Following extensive community consultation and the final designs were completed 2 years ago, which we paid £5,991.00 for. Hopefully progress will be swift as the young people deserve this planned facility.

We have £110,000 set aside in the Stoke North Big Local budget over the next 18 months to cover construction, professional fees, contingency and also for the Landscape Team to now oversee Tender process and construction to completion. We will keep the community posted on our ongoing progress.